#1 – Why Don’t Women Feel Welcome in Money Conversations?

Who are the ladies behind the Fairer Cents? Why are they making this podcast? Are women welcome in money conversations? All that answered in this inaugural episode of The Fairer Cents!

We decided to start this here podcast because we wanted to hear from more women in our finance world. We wanted to share more stories, hear more personal experiences, and branch out from the ‘hear my success story!’ narrative.

We want to highlight stories from women at each point in their money journey, hear from women about how money makes them feel, how they engaged with it, and where they want their money to take them

This episode features Erin Lowry from Broke Millennial, Kristin Wong from The Wild Wong, and Liz from Frugalwoods.

*The Fairer Cents is sponsored by Freshbooks. Head to Freshbooks here to claim your FREE 30-day trial.

6 thoughts on “#1 – Why Don’t Women Feel Welcome in Money Conversations?

  1. Not quite finished listening to the podcast yet, and I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with everything you have remarked on. I do need to add that I believe the wage gap is perpetrated by corporate culture. I have been in discussions for upwards of 3 years with my manager to get a fair market increase of my wages (I have the lowest income of my direct peers with the most experience) and every time, corporate comes back with some lame excuse. I work for a large healthcare company who posts billions in profit every year but won’t grant fair wages or fair salary increases (the past 6 or so years I’ve gotten 1% yearly). I’m pissed off and sonething has got to changed but I feel like nobody is listening. What do we as women do in this situation?

  2. Kara, your debt repayment story is inspiring! Tanja, I have similar travel stories because I dress like a backpacker but was a frequent traveler… people just assume I was in the wrong biz class line all the time.

  3. Just started listening and so excited you two are talking about wuch important topics! Btw, we live on my salary and invest my husband’s.🤣

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