#5 – De-Weaponizing Privilege

Let’s de-escalate the privilege discussion, shall we? It’s so important to talk about privilege, but not to wield it as a weapon. On this episode, Kara and Tanja dig into privilege – what it is, why it’s so important to talk about, and how we can talk about it without picking fights.

Our guests are Liz Thames, writer of the Frugalwoods blog and the forthcoming book Meet the Frugalwoods, and Oliver Griswold, who tweets like a maniac at @originalgriz. And, we maybe talk about the royals, patriarchy, and why some American mixed-race blood is just what those stuffy old Brits need. (Tanja hearts Meghan Markle.) Great stuff here, y’all!

PS- If you pre-order ‘Meet The Frugalwoods’ and email your receipt to Liz (mrs@frugalwoods.com), you’ll get a FREE signed book plate! Details here.

Season 1 of The Fairer Cents is sponsored by FreshBooks, the cloud accounting software that’s changing the world for freelancers and small business owners everywhere. Go to www.freshbooks.com/tfc and enter “the fairer cents” in the how did you hear about us section to get your free one-month trail of FreshBooks.

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