Let’s talk success! Specifically success for women, which definitely comes loaded with career connotations and the dreaded “having it all.” What is success, who defines it, and how does that definition change over time?

Plus where does the pressure to succeed come from, and how much of that is socialized into us as women vs. completely self-imposed? Is it the same for hetero women vs. LGBT women? We dig into all of this and more in conversations with Erin Lowry, author of Broke Millennial, and Meg Sather, a friend and colleague of Tanja’s, plus an awesome human in her own right.

Season 1 of The Fairer Cents is sponsored by FreshBooks, the cloud accounting software that’s changing the world for freelancers and small business owners everywhere. Go to www.freshbooks.com/tfc and enter “the fairer cents” in the how did you hear about us section to get your free one-month trail of FreshBooks.

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