#9 – When Men Talk About Women and Money

Today, we’re hearing from the guys. Our partners Mark and T-Bone, specifically. And today they’re talking among themselves, not to us.

Why? Because while it’s crazy important for women to talk money together, if we want to change the way things are, men have to be a part of that. And we wanted to get some insight into how they think about stuff like money equality in relationships and the wage gap when we’re not pressing them on it.

Also, why we’re so stoked about prominent women speaking up, not just making empty gestures. Women crushes of the week: Debra Messing, Natalie Portman, and Oprah… always Oprah.

Things we mention (and love):

Your thoughts! Send us any and all thoughts for our upcoming special episode of listener feedback.

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Two bros sitting in a hot tub five feet apart because they’re not gay AKA toxic masculinity hurts us all

It’s Not Gay in A Threeway, SNL skit (Kara loled several times watching this.)

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