The Fairer Cents is back for Season 2! (Only 25 seasons to go until the patriarchy is officially smashed.) And we’re here to talk about women, money and our fight to break even. Because we give a shit, and so should you.

To kick things off, we’re getting super practical, talking about the money things we wish we’d learned at a younger age, and some of the financial things most women are never taught. (Check out episode 1 of last season for some similar content!)

Our guest this week is Kristin Wong, author of the book Get Money, and a long-time contributor to the New York Times, Glamour, and Lifehacker. And she’s got lots to offer about why women aren’t taught this stuff, and what we can do to learn it and change social norms.

Then we hear from friends of the podcast about some of the things they wish they’d learned earlier, like how to money as a stay-at-home mom, how to negotiate effectively and how not to let limiting beliefs stand between you and your money.

Oh, and we kinda have a little ranting to do about manifesting, coaching and multilevel marketing.

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