#17 – Breaking Into the Boys’ Club, Part 1

Women have achieved gender parity in a large number of professions. (Whether they have parity in leadership is a whole other question, but let’s not even get into that today.) But there are still plenty of them, from tech, to science to the outdoors industry, where the boys are still in charge for the most part.

Today’s show is part 1 of a two-part series about women breaking into professions that are still male-dominated, whether that’s by working within the system, or going outside the system to do their own thing.

This week we hear from Felicity of the blog Fetching Financial Freedom, and Danielle Rees, co-founder of Coalition Snow, the world’s only women-owned ski and snowboard company making products by women, for women. These badass women have completely different stories about getting ahead in their fields. Next week, we’ll hear from two scientists across the pond, one in the UK and one in South Africa.


Felicity’s blog – Fetching Financial Freedom

Coalition Snow