#20 – All the Single Ladies

Society puts a lot of pressure on all of us to couple up, but what about those women going it alone, either temporarily or long-term? Or going it alone with a child? That’s right. Today we’re discussing all the single ladies and their financial landscape. (And no discussion of single ladies is complete without some Beyonce references, though she’s done some more progressive, feminist work since that song came out.)

Join Kara and Tanja as we talk to two single women, Canadian personal finance blogger and single mom Bridget Casey, and single child-free Austin babe Maria B., and rundown the stats on the much larger obstacles single women face in our economy.

This is the last full episode of season 2 of The Fairer Cents, but tune in next week for our season 2 wrap-up, including lots of news on the future of The Fairer Cents, and some special episodes we’ll be dropping this fall, in between seasons. Be sure to subscribe or stay subscribed so you don’t miss a thing! Until season 3, stay rad!


Bridget Casey from Money After Graduation (Twitter)

Rebecca Traister at NY Magazine

Rebecca Traister’s book All the Single Ladies 

Fidelity study on single women’s financial concerns

Kristin Rowe Finkbeiner’s book Keep Marching

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