#22- Women & Financial Advocacy, with Gaby Dunn and Mary Beth Cahill

The economic and social system we live in affects so much about our financial lives as women. So how do we change that? A big part of it is advocating for other women (and ourselves), and so today we’re talking to two incredible women from different generations who do exactly that, but in very different ways: Mary Beth Cahill, former executive director of Emily’s List, as well as long-time chief of staff for Senator Ted Kennedy and campaign manager for John Kerry’s presidential run in 2004; and Gaby Dunn, the writer and performer best known for her podcast and book, both titled Bad With Money. We talk about who they each see themselves fighting for, the economic impact of that and what it means to be an advocate in today’s world.

Links from the show:

Gaby’s podcast

Gaby’s book

Linda Tirado’s book Hand to Mouth