#24 – Being an Ally, Part 1: How Men Can Advocate for Women

Today’s show is the first of two parts focusing on how we can be the best possible financial allies to those around us, whether that’s online or offline.

In part 1, we’re talking about male allies: why we need them, and how men can be them. Our guests are Cord Jefferson, TV writer and outspoken feminist extraordinaire, and personal finance bloggers Matt Lane of Optimize Your Life and Brian of Done By 40. They’re all incredible allies to women, and they get vulnerable with us about how they speak up to help the feminist cause, as well as where they still struggle.

Links from the show:

Tanja’s new book, Work Optional: Retire Early the Non-Penny-Pinching Way

Cord Jefferson’s Tumblr

Cord’s Medium page

Cord’s Twitter

Matt’s blog, Optimize Your Life

Matt’s post on how advocating for women has helped his career

Matt’s Twitter

Brian’s blog, Done By Forty

Brian’s post on the wage gap and sharing salary with women

Brian’s Twitter

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