#27 – Broadening the FIRE (“financial independence, retire early”) Conversation, with Vicki Robin

Today we’re finally tackling the topic that we suspect some of you initially came to The Fairer Cents expecting to hear about: early retirement, financial independence and the FIRE movement or community. But because it’s us, we’re not just going to say “here’s how to retire early, now go buy some Vanguard funds and off you go.” Instead, we’re talking about how to broaden the conversation around FIRE, namely how to diversify it so more people feel welcome. Because it’s not just white tech bros here, and talking about it that way sells the whole movement short. Our guests today include Vicki Robin, the New York Times bestselling co-author of Your Money Or Your Life, and a panel of diverse voices from across the FIRE community who are all working to break down those stereotypes about who can achieve FIRE.

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4 thoughts on “#27 – Broadening the FIRE (“financial independence, retire early”) Conversation, with Vicki Robin

  1. Hi ladies. I’m a “tech sister” so I admit I’m not a total departure from the FIRE stereotype (but I am an LGBT woman, breadwinner mom, and person of color, so kind of?), but that said I loved this episode and very much resonated with the need to diversify the conversation. In addition to people diversity, I’d also love to hear more diversity around what FI actually looks like for people. Many folks (myself included) aren’t looking to stop working entirely and backpack around the world or move out to the countryside to farm or something. For me, raising my family in one of the most expensive cities in the US, FI is about having the freedom in life to move and work slower so that my family doesn’t have to fall into the trap of being stressed, tired and rushed (like every other urban family I know).

  2. I’m greatful for the leg up I got of graduating university debt free thanks to some inheritance from my Grandfather… My only regret is not doing my first two years at community college and saving some of his money to start my golden nest egg! Cheers Grand Pa! Xx

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