#29 – Actionable Financial Tips from Friends of The Fairer Cents

Though we usually focus on bigger picture topics like systemic issues within our economy that disproportionately affect women, this week we’re getting tactical, and sharing actionable tips that can improve your finances today, with a little help from some friends of the podcast. Be sure to check out the links here in the shownotes to find all of the awesome financial pros and content creators we heard from and referenced.

Links from the show :

Broke Millennial Takes on Investing by Erin Lowry

Sarah Li Cain’s podcast Beyond the Dollar

Bobbi Rebell’s podcast Financial Grownup

Hey Berna

She Picks Up Pennies

Penny’s Twitter

How You Spend Your Days podcast

Kara’s blog post, I’m a Financial Professional and I Have Hella Financial Anxiety

Tanja’s book Work Optional, specifically chapter 3