We love to make you groove in your seat when you’re listening, or dance when you’re walking or standing — anything that peps up your day! So we fill The Fairer Cents with music breaks from talented artists who openly license their music for free commercial use with attribution (a CC BY 2.0 or 3.0 license). We’re all about everyone getting paid for their work, but we’re grateful that some artists choose to offer their tunes for free. Big thanks to the Free Music Archive for making it possible to find all the goodies.

(If you’re a podcaster and want to make sure you’re fully legal with your music usage, and not stealing licensed work, search with the “allows for commercial use” box checked at FMA, and it’ll automatically limit your results to works that are free so long as you credit the artists.)

On The Fairer Cents, you’ve heard music by the following artists, either unchanged or trimmed down to break-length:

  • Baby 59
  • BOPD
  • BoxCat Games
  • Breakmaster Cylinder
  • Broke For Free — a definitely fave of the podcast
  • Computer Music All-Stars
  • Jahzzar
  • Juanitos
  • Kevin MacLeod — ad music
  • Lee Rosevere
  • Minus
  • Modern Pitch
  • Revolution Void
  • Spinning Merkaba
  • Steve Combs
  • The Insider — theme music and other breaks