#20 – All the Single Ladies

Society puts a lot of pressure on all of us to couple up, but what about those women going it alone, either temporarily or long-term? Or going it alone with a child? That’s right. Today we’re discussing all the single ladies and their financial landscape. (And no discussion of single ladies is complete without some Beyonce references, though she’s done some more progressive, feminist work … Continue reading #20 – All the Single Ladies

#19 – Invisible Disability & Our Money

Some people face more challenges than others when it comes to earning money and navigating the work world, many for reasons that are apparent to all of us. And then there are those of us who look completely “normal” in the eyes of the world, but face struggles that others can’t see that limit our ability to do even the most basic tasks. We’re talking … Continue reading #19 – Invisible Disability & Our Money

#18 – Breaking Into the Boys’ Club, Part 2

We’re picking up where we left off last week in our two-part series, talking about women breaking into fields that have historically been male-dominated. T oday we’re talking to two women scientists from across the pond – Dr. Jess Wade, a physicist in the U.K. who’s on a mission to tell the stories of women scientists in history by authoring Wikipedia pages about them, and … Continue reading #18 – Breaking Into the Boys’ Club, Part 2

#17 – Breaking Into the Boys’ Club, Part 1

Women have achieved gender parity in a large number of professions. (Whether they have parity in leadership is a whole other question, but let’s not even get into that today.) But there are still plenty of them, from tech, to science to the outdoors industry, where the boys are still in charge for the most part. Today’s show is part 1 of a two-part series … Continue reading #17 – Breaking Into the Boys’ Club, Part 1

#15 – Toxic Masculinity

Warning: the language in this week’s episode is extra salty. But it’s worth it! This is one of our favorite episodes ever. How traditional and binary gender roles harm women – and men! Especially when it comes to our money. Featuring Sam Donovan, a two-time “reality show loser” (Project Runway!), and Kitty and Piggy from one of our favorite blogs, Bitches Get Riches, we’re not … Continue reading #15 – Toxic Masculinity

#14 – The Economics of Motherhood

Today we’re taking on the first topic in which neither of us has a direct stake: motherhood! But recognizing that most women are not child-free by choice, as we both are, we wanted to take on this critically important issue that affects women and our money. We’re talking to Jamila Souffrant, creator of the Journey to Launch financial independence podcast and website, and Corina Frankie, … Continue reading #14 – The Economics of Motherhood

#13 – Taking Action to Create Change

We often go deeeeep into the societal forces that make it just a little harder for women to get ahead financially, and we know that can feel depressing. So today we’re getting granular on what we can all do about it! Guest Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, founder of Moms Rising, a speaker at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., and author of the new book Keep Marching, … Continue reading #13 – Taking Action to Create Change

#12 – The Financial Impact of Beauty Double Standards

We’re going deep into the girliest of topics: beauty. And we’re tackling it all: makeup, clothes, hair, weight, class, and the different standards for people of color. But most of all, how all those things affect our money, both our ability to earn it, and how much we can actually earn in the end. With our guests Sanetra, a model and owner of Unravel Co, … Continue reading #12 – The Financial Impact of Beauty Double Standards