“An empowering look at the economic realities facing women, people of colour and marginalised groups.”

The Evening Standard

“The best podcast for women” and one of “The 8 Best Finance Podcasts of 2020”

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The Fairer Cents on ABC Nightline
The Fairer Cents on ABC Nightline (watch the full story)

“It’s not just one of the best finance podcasts — it’s one of the best podcasts, period.”

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“A must listen podcast for anyone who is ready to change the status quo”


“Female financial influencers you should be following”

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There’s a ton of personal finance advice out there for women, but plenty of women and people in marginalized groups do everything right and still face hurdles in every direction. That’s because we don’t live in the purely meritocratic society we’re led to believe exists. We live in a society in which economic opportunity is not doled out equally, and just giving more of the same advice doesn’t help anyone.

That’s why The Fairer Cents goes deeper to look at what really makes money such a complicated subject, especially for women, including the systemic issues that affect some of us more than others. Join us if you’re down to dig into the stickier economic issues that disproportionately affect women, people of color, non-binary people and everyone who feels marginalized by our current money culture. This is about the fight to get economically equal, not about shaming you for buying that latte or spending money on self-care.

You’ll hear from women at different stages of their journeys, from different backgrounds and with different life experiences, some experts and some not. If you want to hear from a more diverse range of voices, and not just the usual talking heads, then join us! Because that’s what The Fairer Cents is all about.

Kara Perez and Tanja Hester are two friends dedicated to, in their own words, ‘talking money and taking down the patriarchy.’  They aren’t interested in the run-of-the-mill stories from financial pros that get told over and over again on other podcasts. Rather, The Fairer Cents explores stories from the marginalized, specifically focusing on tricky topics like how to close the wage gap and dealing with workplace discrimination.

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