#3 – Women and Ambition

Is ambition a bad word if you’re a woman? What does it mean to be an ambitious woman to individual women? Kara talks with finance blogger Michelle Jackson of Michelle is Money Hungry about ambition for ladies, ambition for black ladies, and how annoying it is when people think women are not competent. Plus, what ambition looks like when you’re your own boss!

Kara and Tanja share their thoughts on competition vs ambition and how they each consider themselves to be ambitious women.

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2 thoughts on “#3 – Women and Ambition

  1. I think “having it all” for women, could easily be rephrased as “giving it all”. It used to be that a woman’s role was to look after house and home and kids – what could possibly be more important? If they wanted to pursue a career after kids, they had pressure to assure their husband, mother, mother-in-law, nosy neighbours, and everyone else with an opinion, that the job wouldn’t affect their ability to raise the kids, have supper on the table, and keep a clean house. Of course they also had to assure their boss that the fact that they were a woman with husband and kids would not interfere with their ability to perform at work.

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